Apple App Store Purchasing

Help for Apple Mobile device users. This section explains how to get a redeption code and use the proper school iTunes account.

Help for school facilitators. A school facilitator is only person at the school that is able to purchase Apps and content from Apple and create redemption codes for all other users at that school. This is the school principal or some designated by the principal.

For Apple Mobile Device Users

1. Do not use your personal iTunes account to redeem codes from you school facilitator.
Access iTunes from your computer. Your account will show in the iTunes Store in the topright corner.

your account

Logout using the store menu.


2. Sign in with your school iTunes account to purchase App and content

sign in

3. Redeem your code you received from the facilitator at your school.



Help for school facilitators.


1. Order Volume Voucher App Store cards with a purchase order from the School District Tech Dept.
2. The card will be sent by FexEx and given to you.

voucher card

3. Go to to purchace Apps for your school.

App Store

4. Sign in and purchase your items.
5. Search for items.


6. Look for volume discounts.


7. Create and distrubute redemption codes to proper people in your school.
8. Record the codes and the names of the people you gave them to.
9. Check for frequently asked questions. 

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